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Zinara unveils $1,7m road survey fund

Zinara unveils $1,7m road survey fund




The Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) yesterday unveiled $1,7 million for a roads condition survey to determine the level of service and maintenance required.


Speaking at the survey launch in Harare, Zinara acting chief executive Moses Juma, said the country last conducted a national roads condition survey in 1999.

“There have been various figures flying around as to the cost of rehabilitation of the country’s road network.

“Most of these figures have had no scientific background due to the lack of credible data,”Juma said.

The 1999 survey revealed that Zimbabwe’s road network covered 95 000 kilometres, with 20% surfaced, 10% under urban councils and 70% under the District Development Fund and rural councils.

Juma reiterated that the survey would help in coming up with credible data on the state of the country’s road network.

Officials in the Transport ministry said ideally, such surveys should be conducted every four years.