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Police to cut roadblocks

Police to cut roadblocks

Source : The Herald

Freeman Razemba Crime Reporter—

Police say they will soon reduce the number of roadblocks following complaints from motorists over their increased presence on the roads. In a statement yesterday, police chief national spokesperson

Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba urged Zimbabweans to alert the ZRP whenever they feel there are too many roadblocks in their area. “The Zimbabwe Republic Police has taken note of the roadblock concerns. Measures are now in place to trim these roadblocks. We appeal to the public to advise the police if they feel that a certain road or point has too many roadblocks,” she said.


“Be that as it may, it is unfortunate that people always associate police roadblocks with traffic issues, yet there are other issues such as the security of the country, maintenance of law and order, which are considered when roadblocks are mounted,” she said. Snr Asst Comm Charamba said the police recently busted a syndicate that was smuggling gold and other valuables out of the country.

“At times roadblocks are mounted for security reasons, crime detection, prevention and investigations.

They are also mounted at a place where the police officers can be seen clearly by the motorists, not on the curve or blind rise sites. Above all, they are mounted at anytime, including during the night,” she said.


Asst Comm Charamba urged the public to feel free to approach their local police station whenever they think they needed a roadblock at a particular spot at night. She said anyone forced to pay a spot fine for a nonexistent law should immediately lodge a complaint in writing at any nearest police station or call the Police General Headquarters Complaints Desk on (04)703 631.


On Stop Signs, Snr Asst Comm Charamba said the Highway Code was very clear on how a motorist should approach such signs. “All licensed drivers who were tested by relevant authorities and endorsed to be competent are expected to be conversant with all traffic rules and regulations including how to approach road signs and junctions.

“There is no excuse whatsoever for a driver to disregard the provision of a stop sign and a giveway sign. These two signs have different meanings. Stop and make sure both sides are clear. Some motorists acquired licences dubiously hence they are not conversant with road rules and regulations,” she said.


Snr Asst Comm Charamba said it was an offence for any motorist to carry people for a fee in a private motor vehicle not registered to carry passengers. She said police are clamping down on pirate taxis and 500 such vehicles were impounded in the past three months in Harare and Bulawayo.

“It is unfortunate that people complain when police raid these vehicles yet when such vehicles are impounded their owners go to courts, the vehicles are released and they find their way back into the

CBD. Police will continue to take action against these errant motorists.

“Police and other stakeholders are also analysing the current legislation which fails to adequately address so many shortcomings, for example, the passengers who wait at undesignated points and promoting mushikashika are not legally accountable,” she said. On media coverage of the ZRP, Snr


Asst Comm Charamba said police were firmly on the ground conducting awareness campaigns.

“However, sometimes the media appear not to be interested in publicising these campaigns which are aimed at educating and conscientising the public on how to prevent crime, take safety measures to curb crime such as robbery, murder, unlawful entry and even rape.

“Press statements issued to the media houses are not normally covered and campaigns receive minimal attention. It is unfortunate that public relations programmes conducted by the Zimbabwe

Republic Police have been ignored,” she said. Snr Asst Comm Charamba said police programmes could only be effective when there was a supportive media.