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For the convenience of advertisers and subscribers to Bambazonke Nhasi (BZN) we are a payment point.

There are a couple of Subscription options (subs) whereby advertisers can pay either a 6 monthly or annual amount to cover the cost of placing adverts on BZN’s daily emails as detailed below.


Subscription periods only terminate either at the end of November or the end of May each year. Please note that these prices include the current 15% VAT which you can claim back on your monthly VAT return.


1.Individual 4 liner Adverts cost $10 each.


2. Type A. This group includes recipients of BZN that just want to advertise once in a while

(Max once a month) as well as those who want to show their appreciation for the service we

are providing. Subs for this group are $40 or $65 for 6 months or one year respectively.


3. Type B. People that want to advertise regularly with a limit of one free 4 line advert per

fortnight. These “Type B” subs are $75 for half a year or $130 for a full year. Additional ads can

only be placed on a different subject matter at a cost of $10 per advert.