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Anti-Hijack update for November 2015

November is a busy month for us all as the schools and many businesses get ready for the end of the year annual shutdown/ holiday … as so many say ‘where has this year 2015 gone? …’
Let’s not all get too busy to remember the security of our families, friends and staff in both our homes and our businesses. Do NOT let your guard down keep all alarms, remotes and security equipment full charged and gates securely locked.

This I have written just so many times but we need to be fully aware at this time of the year and make sure of your senses in your surrounding environment.  Please report any suspicious vehicles or loiterers and any gathering that you are not sure of to either the Neighbourhood Watch in some case or you’re nearest Police Station. Set up a ‘WhatsApp’ group to alert and warn fellow neighbours and friends.

Be extremely careful when drawing large sums of money from Banks or ATM’S that you are not followed, often it is a much safer bet to let the Armoured Divisions of many Security Companies make the collection and deposit for you.  In the home front take a person with you to keep watch as you are doing these transactions. Do not leave large sums of money unguarded or in a locked or unlocked vehicle for any lengthy period of time. Let’s all be more aware and sensible this Festive Season. There have been reports of men in unmarked vehicles attempting to rob or hijack … not just in business areas in the suburbs too.   I realise that the BOOT is not always a safe bet for shopping but out of sight is more of a deterrent... ideally is to take all parcels shopping etc straight to the destination.

Let’s be safe on the roads and highways in Zimbabwe …. Have all the necessary papers on hand for road blocks or Border Posts and know your rights and have a copy of the spot fines available ….. be courteous as much as possible when stopped.

Please keep to the speed limits and have respect for other road users and DO NOT DRINK & DRIVE

Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE !






In August we see the start of Spring ! … What a pleasure to welcome the warmer weather into our lives but please still be very alert and think of your security and the safety of your family and businesses. Do not leave windows and doors wide open without the grill across securely locked, and where possible the alarm activated at ALL times, especial in areas not being used, even in daylight hours. There have been horrid reports of senseless loss of life in broad day light so where possible step up on the security. Our condolences to the families concerned.

There is definitely an increase in crime with theft… cash being the biggest sort after commodity. It is not wise to leave large sums of money in your homes or businesses  … even for one night … have the armed security division of your security company send a team to collect your money and have it delivered safely to the Bank.  When drawing large sums of money from the bank be very weary you are not being watched and then followed, do not leave large sums of money unattended or left in a vehicle this spells disaster!  Unemployment rate is on the increase so be vigilant at all times.

There have been reports of a Black Mercedes cruising in public car parks outside supermarkets surveying the area and will try to distract you by waving an object in your face and then swiftly grab handbags or valuables that are in view. It is best to keep doors locked even when inside the vehicle in these public areas. When shopping do not have large sums of money on you as you just may be under surveillance and a prime target after leaving the tills.  The jamming of locking mechanisms is still happening … be sure your vehicle is locked by manually checking the handle before leaving your vehicle. This takes only extra seconds to check and is peace of mind in the long run.
Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE !
Phone : 0772 221 921 or your nearest Police Station.



In May we have had reports of smash & grab incidences in the infamous sites around the city.  The lights at Churchill Rd/2nd street extension (Sam Munjoma Rd) still an ongoing happening.  Now that winter is drawing in and its starts getting dark earlier please be on your guard … the thieves are still out there. Keep all valuables out of sight.

Do NOT travel with handbags, laptops, briefcases, mobile phones on the seat next to you or on the back seat, all shopping etc should be put out of sight or in the boot of the car. This you have heard many times……  let’s be security minded and take that extra time to make sure your journey home will be safe.  As the month draws to a close, and people are carrying extra cash, be careful and be alert.  Those who travel in public transport keep your cash well hidden and safe….  Cash is the main criteria here, and often a bag or purse will be found dumped with all vital cards etc, if you do happen to find any of this, please contact the person whose name and contact details are on the documents or hand in at the nearest Police Station .  To replace ID, drivers licence etc is time consuming and quite a process. Please report incidences to your nearest Police Station as you need proof of them being stolen to replace or for insurance claim.


When parking vehicles in public areas please make sure that you are not watched putting items from the car into the boot as there have been reports of boots being broken into. If you have items in your car either take them out before the journey or put into the boot where there are no prying eyes witnessing this. 


There has been an increased spike in crime i.e break ins and attempted break ins and theft in general from properties  Not one area or suburb can be singled out it’s a general increase across the board …. So please be WARNED

Lets all see that this spike in crime is decreased as quickly as possible be security conscious of everything around you.


Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE !