Meet Sean

Big Sky’s activities reflect the passions of our founder and CEO, Sean Quinlan, i.e. enjoying the great outdoors, 4×4 touring and helping others make a plan. Sean’s involvement in 4×4 activities led to the formation of Big Sky in 1999 and the importing of leading off-road brands from Australia and South Africa.

Serving our community is in Big Sky’s DNA, reflecting Sean’s drive to support our community in travel and traffic matters. Sean published the Big Sky Cubbyhole Notes in 2017, co-founded the Road Users Association and the Facebook group Dear ZRP which currently has 49,000 members. 

Sean lives in Harare, has three wonderful children living in Europe, is a keen birder, trail runner, camper and is constantly working on his braai master skills.

Big Sky carries a great range of outdoor equipment at good prices. Over and above that, they are very community spirited, pioneering the Cubbyhole Notes to assist Zimbabwean drivers navigate the laws and fines of the roads, as well as organising blood donation drives.

Big Sky provides a comprehensive range of products suitable for all travellers and outdoor enthusiasts.

We pride ourselves on giving travellers’ information which we hope will make your travel experience easy and hassle free.

Please visit our physical store in the Pomona Shopping centre in Pomona, Harare and come and see our wide range of Outdoor and Automotive products and services. Our friendly staff will be able to advise on all areas of travelling through Zimbabwe, your potential needs, and assist on all common queries.

Big Sky is the original name in 4×4 in Zimbabwe. As the 4×4 specialists we can advise and quote for vehicle protection and upgrades, and accessories including recovery equipment, etc.

We deliver throughout Zimbabwe, please let us know your needs. 

Please feel free to contact us should you be interested to learn more or if you have any further questions.

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