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The best stories usually start with a bad decision …

Like the guys who tried cooking with coal in their Cobbduring a late-night party. The resultant meltdown required a few spares, which we carry to sort out any mishaps …
In stock now is the Cobb Premier and accessories including Roast Rack’s, Dome Extensions, the ever-popular Cobble Stones and the exciting new “Cooking for the Cobb” recipe book.

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From the roadside …

Motorists are fed up the reckless driving since the removal of roadblocks on 15 November, 2017. ZRP have since taken a soft approach, under the “new dispensation”. We hope that after the elections, ZRP will take the gloves off and deal with unlicensed and reckless drivers, decisively, in a fair and transparent manner. The poor condition of the roads isn’t helping motorists’ humour, but I’m confident you’ll see a large amount of road restoration around Harare, shortly.

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Road Users Association – Zimbabwe

The Road Users Association (RUA) was formed in 2016 to assist motorists in dealing with the unreasonable behaviour of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP). Since the removal of the roadblocks following the military intervention in November, 2017, RUA has refocussed on the major issues affecting motorists and other road users, namely the poor state of the countries urban road infrastructure, and the reckless driving in the absence of a visible police presence.

Sean Quinlan, director of Big Sky Supplies, is a co-founder of RUA and actively works with the dedicated volunteers to achieve RUA’s objectives.

For more information on RUA and to sign up for the monthly newsletter, visit

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Wildlife Environment Zimbabwe

The mission statement of Wildlife & Environment Zimbabwe (WEZ) is:

“To encourage and assist all people of Zimbabwe to understand the importance of wildlife and the environment and to conserve Zimbabwe’s natural resources for the well being of current and future generations and to ensure that the utilisation of these natural resources is fair and sustainable”

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