A Christmas Wish from Your Local Retailers

This Christmas, before defaulting to Makro.co.za or Takealot.com please think about the REAL cost of your imported purchase …

2023 has been a tough year for Zim retailers due to a numbers of factors that we minions have no control off. However, there is one factor that all consumers (i.e. us!) have control over and that is choosing to support our local retailers.

Before defaulting to an online shop in SA or overseas and speed-dialling your favourite runner (a euphemism for smuggler) please consider …

When you need prizes for your fundraising raffle, who do you approach? Who supports your golf days, charity bazaars and other community events?

Imagine you buy a high-end bicycle from a South African bike shop which now needs a service and some repairs. You go to your local bicycle shop, only to find the doors are closed. The bicycle shop could not survive providing low value services only. And now what about that bike service?

Adding to record high levels of unemployment, thousands of jobs are being lost as local retailers close down. The recent insolvency of Metro Peech is an example, another victim of cross-border smuggling.

So this year before going online to do your Christmas shopping in SA and overseas please check prices locally – you will very often be pleasantly surprised. Before making that purchase, consider who will support the warranty when something goes wrong, or replace the bit missing from the box? 

On the positive side, supporting local retailers is a great way to help your community thrive. When you choose to “Buy Local”, a large portion of your money remains in the local economy. Local businesses are heavily invested in the community and are more likely to give back to it. There are many local retailers that regularly support community through clean-ups, sponsorships, etc., and they deserve our support. 

I hope this provides some food for thought, and that our LOCAL communities benefit from your spending this Christmas. 

Safe journeys,
Sean Q.



First published in Facebook/Zimvine on 10.11.23. To locate the post and read the interesting and varied responses, use the search term “smuggler”!

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