Avoiding or Dealing with a Car Invasion

The clampdowns by ZRP, VED, Municipal Police and others on dangerous driving and out-of-control kombis and mashika’shikas, is to be commended and supported. However, the Operations create opportunities for rogue members of ZRP (and often just imposters) to harass motorists. The standard modus operandi is threatening a court appearance and impounding of the vehicle as evidence, etc. … all to extort a bribe. There is also the assault and mugging of motorists in smash & grabs at traffic intersections.

The following tips will reduce the likelihood of a car-invasion and get you through the experience OK.

Before Driving Off …

  • Get into the habit of seatbelt on and lock doors! Keep your car doors locked at all times with the emphasis on ALL times, applying to both males and females.
  • Lock valuables in the boot. Remove “smash & grab” opportunities.
  • When out and about, keep your phone charged, with airtime or data.

During an Incident …

  • Keep moving. If at all possible, drive to the nearest police station or a public area such as a shopping centre … wherever you will find a crowd.
  • Make a noise. Attract attention with hazards on and hoot constantly.
  • Message for help. If you are not already on a traffic group then message your local neighbourhood group or similar. You can be confident your community WILL respond.
  • Phone for help. Save “In Case of Emergency” numbers into your phone (under ICE or similar).
  • Avoid distracted driving. Put your cell phone away while driving and pay attention to your surroundings.
  • The ability to record the event using a Dash Camera is a big advantage for the motorist. Let the perpetrator know he/she is being recorded and watch the instant change in attitude!
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Useful Numbers in the Event of an Emergency

ZRP Harare Central Police Station, Operations: (0242) 748836 (24-hour). Contact for assistance with incidents around the Harare CBD.

ZRP Police General Headquarters Harare: (0242) 703631 (24-hour). PGHQ, Harare Anti-Corruption members will take calls from all over the country, referring you to the most appropriate personnel in your area, where necessary

ZRP Central Traffic (0242) 777640

ZRP Harare Suburban District (0242) 777639

ZRP Armed Robberies – Harare Operations (0242) 777777  / 748836

Police Stations:

Avondale (0242) 336361

Avondale CRLO Traffic 0772 746 074

Avondale OIC traffic 0772 949 645

Borrowdale   (0242) 860067 / 61

Highlands     (0242) 495504

Mabelreign   (0242) 305651

Mabvuku       (0242) 491069

Marlborough (0242) 301802

Milton Park   (0242) 708113

Rhodesville   (0242) 495753

Ruwa             0732 132 726

(This list compiled by a Concerned Citizen and updated on 12.09.22)

The Help24Seven Mobile Phone App

We strongly recommend the Help24Seven mobile phone app. Press the EMERGENCY button for three seconds and your location and contact details will be shared with the Control Room, who will promptly call you to assist with your situation. The team will keep checking with emergency services and updating you until they arrive. For more information visit https://help24seven.co.zw/ or call Rodney Beadon on cell/WhatsApp 0772 320 090.

Please share this information with the vulnerable members of your family and community – especially your youngsters and senior family members.

Safe Journeys,
Sean Q. and the Big Sky Team
October, 2023

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