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Number Plates in Zimbabwe

An appeal to ZRP and the Ministry of Transport to show consideration … There is an insufficient number of number plates in Zimbabwe to meet demand and the impounding of vehicles is the disproportionate treatment of motorists …

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How Medical Air Evacuation Works in Zimbabwe …

Many people are wondering during the COVID-19 lockdown if medical air evacuations are happening and would they be evacuated without delays in the event of an emergency. Regardless of the lockdown, air evacuation is a complex issue. Independent healthcare consultant, Sean Steyn, explains …

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Car battery as supplied by Big Sky

Extend the life of your vehicle’s battery

Your vehicle’s battery works harder in the cold mornings we’re experiencing during these winter months. Here are the most frequently asked questions and answers that will extend the life of your battery and avoid costly replacement.

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Big Sky Outdoor Escapes close to Harare

3 Easily Accessible Outdoor Escapes near Harare

We’re all looking forward to travel restrictions coming to an end, and when they do, in true Zimbo style we’ll head for the hills. With fuel shortages and travel uncertainties in mind, Tales & Trails contributor, Fiona Semper, suggests 3 nearby outdoor escapes, all on Harare’s doorstep …

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Coronavirus Flights

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, many are asking whether the airlines are still flying, particularly between Zimbabwe and South Africa. In the context

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