A Dash Camera is Now Essential Vehicle Equipment

The deterioration of driving conditions across Zimbabwe has resulted in a Dash Camera becoming essential vehicle equipment. As a solution to overcoming corruption at the roadside, Dash Cameras became essential vehicle equipment during the road-block era that ended in November 2017. Since then, Zimbabwe has moved from being over-policed to disappointingly under-policed, with weak law enforcement. Furthermore, so many motorists are proving they need parental supervision, mostly due to the industrial-scale sale of drivers’ licences by corrupt VID staff.

The result is that many well-behaved, law-abiding motorists have become the unfortunate victims of harassment at the roadside and in police stations, and significant inconvenience inside a dysfunctional magistrate court system. The areas where us law abiding motorists usually experience problems are:

Organised confusion around Road Traffic Accidents (RTA’s)

A motorist dealing with an RTA will quickly discover he/she is on the back foot. Rogue members of ZRP often escalate incidents to incite fear in the motorist to secure a bribe. He\she is accused of “negligent driving”, must report to the station for fingerprinting and the vehicle will be impounded until the mandatory court appearance, etcetera, etcetera …
In the meanwhile the guilty motorist will often “encourage” the ZRP member to falsify the incident report at the site of the RTA. In a nutshell, everyone is lying, and the motorist is left spinning …

The result of accepting liability, even to the lesser charge of “driving without due care and attention” is a fine, and importantly, potential liability for any shortfall in the third-party insurance pay-out – which can run into several US$1,000’s!.

Roadside shenanigans affecting vulnerable motorists

Dash Cameras have proved particularly useful in dealing with “hit & run” scams, where a motorist is accused of hitting a cyclist or pedestrian, and not stopping. “Bystanders” chase down the motorist and after loud abuse, push for US$ cash to compensate the “victim”.

A common scam is a vehicle drives into the back of a stationery vehicle, with several men getting out of the vehicle and accusing the driver of the vehicle in front of having reversed into them. They leave after securing US$ compensation for the “damage” to their vehicle.

The categories of motorists most vulnerable to shenanigans on the road are women of all ages, youngsters and senior citizens.

Municipal police across the country are a problem

Most affected by rogue members of the municipal police are drivers of company vehicles, especially out-of-town trucks where the owner is conveniently far away. Motorists are often victims of individuals in plain clothes without any form of identification, possibly “municipal police”, extracting large sums of US$ in bribes from motorists avoiding significant fines. We wrote about the behaviour of Marondera’s infamous municipal police in November 2021, read more here https://bigsky.co.zw/municipal-fines-exceed-criminal-law-codes-scale-of-fines/

If you are with us and still reading, you’ll understandably be considering selling the car and staying at home!! However, as staying at home is not an option for most of us, we need a Plan B. We strongly believe that Dash Cameras represent an effective solution for your sanity and safety, and a Dash Camera is now essential vehicle equipment in Zimbabwe.

Rogue members of ZRP, VID and municipal police are most troublesome when they are anonymous/unidentifiable. The consequence of poor supervision by their superiors is the absence of personal identification being carried, and very often, individuals operate in plain clothes.

A Dash Camera instantly comes to your rescue

When a rogue member of a law-enforcement agency or a common criminal/liar, becomes aware that he\she is being filmed, the advantage immediately moves to you, the motorist. Out of fear of the potential consequences, everyone involved suddenly becomes more truthful and honest.

Combined with remaining calm, a knowledge of your rights and the ability to play back footage of the event, you now enjoy the advantage. Other areas where a Dash Camera proves useful:

  1. Clarifying actual speed when accused of speeding (GPS enabled devices)
  2. Uncomplicated playback of video at the roadside (especially Smart devices playing back through a cell phone app)
  3. Limiting abuse of company vehicles with locked/password protected Dash Cameras, also recording the vehicle interior.

Given the very real benefits that Dash Cameras will provide our motoring community, and not forgetting the problems experienced by Dash Camera users during the roadblock-era, we have been hard at work sourcing a range that will provide relief for our community. The result is … 

RING Dash Camera Range distributed by Big Sky Supplies
Dash Cameras are now essential vehicle equipment in Zimbabwe.

Big Sky’s solution for Zim motorists … RING Dash Cameras

Manufactured by Ring Automotive Limited, United Kingdom, an OSRAM company, we are confident in the quality and functionality of the devices.

This is the latest generation in Dash Camera technology, with the award winning range being launched internationally in 2021. The RSDC3000 Smart Dash Camera with GPS Tracker (available through Big Sky), was positively acknowledged by Auto Express, UK. Read more here https://www.ringautomotive.com/en/dash-camera-best-buy-2022-rsdc3000

The RING range is backed by Big Sky’s “No Arguments” Warranty Support – with full technical back-up right here in Zimbabwe.

RING Dash Cameras are available right now at Big Sky Supplies, Pomona Shopping Centre, Harare. For additional information please email info@bigsky.co.zw or WhatsApp 0775 440 037.

Who in your community and family will benefit from the protection of a Dash Cam?

Please share this information with anyone in your family and community in the most vulnerable groups, namely women, youngsters, and senior citizens.

A Dash Camera is now essential vehicle equipment in Zimbabwe and we look forward to empowering motorists across the country, to take back the advantage.

Safe journeys,

Sean Q. and the BIG SKY TEAM

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