USB Rechargeable Fan Sun King

The flexible Sun King fan compact and foldable design fits in tight spaces and ensures easy storage. Height-adjustable to transform from a small table fan to a room fan. The USB charging makes for simple and accessible charging. Warranty period: 2 years


A power cut is always a major inconvenience, especially during hot afternoons when you’re trying to work or study.

Get the sleek and portable Sun King Foldable Silent and Portable 20.32cm Sweep 3 Blade Pedestal Fan online and place it near your home or office desk to enjoy a cool breeze at all times. The slim and space-saving build of this highly portable fan keeps you cool from any corner, be it indoors or outdoors. Moreover, you can adjust the height of this fan so that it works as a table fan or a standing room fan too!

You can also conveniently control the speed of the fan according to your preference using its four-speed modes: Low, Normal, Turbo, and Battery-saving mode.

This three-blade fan operates at high speeds to provide enhanced air.

USB chargeable.

Warranty period: 2 years

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