Glacier Cooler Box 120 litre

The “Beast”! The Glacier 120 litre Cooler Box is perfect for houseboats, lodges and longer camping trips to keep your food fresh. The heavy-duty roto-moulded construction will ensure your Glacier Cooler Box will give you many years of good service. Fitted with a quick-drain water release valve for easy draining. Stay dry, no-sweat construction. Built-in lock mount and wheels for easy portability.


Glacier Cooler Boxes are roto-moulded and built for hard work. They come in 25, 55, 75 and 120 litres and in different colours with a useful quick-drain, water release valve. The Glacier Cooler Box will keep ice for 3-10 days. In addition, they are leakproof, rustproof and corrosion-free.

The Glacier Cooler Boxes are designed for the harshest of conditions with double tough polyethene wall construction with a filling of refrigeration grade polyurethane. The stretch hold downs loops for constant lid pressure with food quality seal.

Approximately 120 litres

Dimensions: 110 x 47.0 x 53.5 cm