Ledlenser Headlamp NEO1R

Ledlenser’s everyday light for outdoor athletes. NEO1R combines minimalism with power. This ultra-compact headlamp fits in any pocket and proves itself as a versatile, sporty companion.

Thanks to its great lumens-per-gram ratio and a custom-made light pattern for fast activities, it is much more than a backup light.

The modern look, the tilting lamp head, the additionally available red light and the practical Magnetic Charge System make NEO1R the perfect headlamp for any activity where minimal weight combined with great performance counts.

The NEO1R is available in Black/Grey, Black/Blue and White/Lime. 


The Ledlenser NEO1R is part of the revamped NEO series and is the smallest of them all, weighing only 39 grams. A 10 seconds boost output offers a maximum of 250 lumens, while the highest constant output is 150 lumens and the lowest constant output is 20 lumens.

It is an ultra-lightweight and versatile head torch designed with low light levels activities in mind, such as street running, skating, parkour, camping, DIY and dog walking in semi-lit areas. The design incorporates a main white LED which has a textured lens for soft lighting with a slight hotspot and wider beam. There is also a secondary red LED that can be directly accessed, as it is the best colour for protecting the natural night vision of your eyes and reduces eye strain in low-light situations. It is a great lighting source for aircraft cockpits, truck cabins, and confined spaces and is also useful for particular tasks such as map reading, astronomy and animal watching.

A safety factor of the NEO1R is the reflective stitching around the headband for increased visibility from the sides and the back. The headband also features a silicone section that connects the elastic headband to the headlamp to provide flexibility and enhance comfort.

Two white brightness levels as well as a boost output and the red light are controlled by the button on top of the head torch. A single press will turn the light on at low and then each press will cycle between low and high. The red light is accessed from off by holding the button down for 1 second, and the light can be changed to white with a single press, or to turn the light off in any state press and hold the button for 1 second.

The boost output can be activated by double pressing the button and will illuminate for 10 seconds before returning to the previous setting. If the boost is used multiple times and the torch has become overheated then it will not be able to access the boost until it has cooled, and the two presses instead will do two blinks as a warning and enter low mode.

A 730 mAh lithium-ion battery is built into the headlamp which can be charged with the supplied magnetic charging cable. Connect the magnet to the charging point on the underside of the head torch and the USB-C at the other end plugs into a compatible USB-C power source (not included). The indicator light will turn red to show charging is in progress and will go green once charging is complete after approximately 3 hours.

When the battery level is low the main light will blink two times to warn the user to recharge the battery. There is also an LED indicator next to the button that will illuminate either red, yellow or green for 2 seconds when the light is first turned on to notify you of the battery status. A lockout function prevents accidental activation when not in use and is locked by holding the button down with the light off for 5 seconds until the light blinks twice, and unlocked in the same way.

A hinged bracket allows the head torch to be tilted forwards to give you the best light coverage for the task at hand.