RING Trade Pro1 Dash Camera

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Protect your business from fraud and abuse of company vehicles with the RING Trade Pro1 Dash Camera. Built-in 32GB SD card. Lockable Micro SD slot to prevent tampering.


The RING RVEP1 Trade Pro1 Dash Camera records vital evidence in the event of an incident. Protect your business from fraud and abuse of company vehicles. The lockable MicroSD slot is designed to prevent tampering. Exceptional low light performance means the Trade Pro1 Dash Camera can provide vital evidence even when driving at night. Hassle free to install and use, they automatically switch on when you start the engine – so you never miss a thing – and turn off once you park up – meaning no risk of draining your battery. Loop recording will automatically save over old footage you no longer need: you don’t have to clear or buy new SD cards. Important files can be locked to save them for later viewing.


  • Adjustable 110º lens to capture a wide view of the road
  • 720p HD resolution
  • Lockable Micro SD slot to prevent tampering
  • OEM design with a streamlined profile to match the vehicle
  • 2.4″ screen
  • Audio and loop recording
  • Shock sensor saves recordings when a collision is detected
  • Includes 32GB MicroSD card. Recording time is estimated at 4 hours at High Definition (HD) and 65 minutes of 4K (Approximately 4,000 pixels