SecureTech Kinetic Snatch Strap

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A SecureTech snatch strap will help you in the recovery of vehicles bogged in sand or mud.  Available in 8,000 kg, 12,000 kg, 16,000 kg Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS)


The SecureTech kinetic or snatch strap is made of high elongation, high tenacity polyamide wedding with an elongation of 20-30%. The kinetic strap is used to extract a vehicle by another vehicle. The tow vehicle moves under power and snatches the vehicle from its bogged predicament. The kinetic strap is the single most innovative invention for the off-roader in the past 30 years.

When selecting a kinetic strip:

  • Don’t go the cheap route, buy quality.
  • Protective sleeves on the end loops are essential for cleaning and replacement.
  • A breaking strain rating is essential but know the weight of your vehicle.
  • Kinetic straps should be more than 6 metre long.
  • The longer the strap the longer the stretch and the working life.

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