SodaStream Model 60 (45 litres) Cylinder

SodaStream Model 60 (45 litres) cylinder is a fast and reliable gas option to keep your sparkling water maker fizzing. Exchange or get a spare cylinder never to run out of gas.


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Exchange your empty cylinders for a full one and pay only for the refill. Or have a spare cylinder on hand to keep your water sparkling.

This SodaStream Model 60 Spare Carbonator Cylinder is made from lightweight aluminium, and each full canister helps you to carbonate your water or cool drink at home. The food-grade CO2 cylinder comes in two sizes, to fit the different Sodastream machine types.

Food grade CO2 cylinder for use with Sodastream machines
Model 60 is filled with 400g of CO2 that makes up to 45 litres of sparkling water
Cylinders are not interchangeable with machines requiring Model 30 cylinders.