Radio Removal Samaritans Campaign

Dear Senior Citizens,

In support of the Radio Removal Campaign, a number of good men and women have volunteered to remove senior citizens’ radios at no charge or just a reasonable amount to cover costs. The schedule of Radio Removal Samaritans can be found below.

The context is the ZBC Concessionary Listener’s License only applies to over 65’s for TV and radio for home use – not for a car radio. Our objective is to ideally remove the car radio or alternatively cover it so that it is not visible to ZRP or ZBC inspectors. You need to successfully argue that you do not have a car radio fitted.

Whether the volunteers are carrying out this service in their personal capacity, or as part of their business, we need to treat them with consideration. Some pointers …

  • Give reasonable notice to the volunteers. All prefer to be contacted by WhatsApp – just  message or call in advance to book your vehicle in with them.
  • Let’s be realistic in our expectations. Some vehicles, particularly newer models, have radios integrated into the dashboard and can pose a challenge. In all cases please be guided by the service provider and accept realities …
  • Let’s be patient. If your ZBC license is not due for renewal for a while, please delay contacting a service provider so that others whose licenses are due for renewal imminently may get first preference.

If you have any feedback on this campaign, whether bricks or bouquets, feel free to email your feedback to

Finally, in recognition of their community spirit, we encourage you to support the volunteers who are in the motor trade with your future business such as vehicle servicing, auto electrics, panel beating, etc. Where applicable we have included business operating names.

Thank you and Take Care,

Sean Q.
7 September, 2022

M&M Panel Beaters / Michael Bryant0787 386 80025 Anthony Avenue, Msasa8:00am to 4:30pm Friday 3.30pmNoWill charge for call outs $50 HarareYes$25 per hour - only if applicable.
Kwik Fix Auto / Malcolm Attwell0777 877 7605A Adylinn Road, Marlborough8:00am to 4:00pmNoN/AYesNo charge for senior citizens
Norman Higgs0771 929 772Cutty Sark Hotel - Kariba7.00am to 5:00pmYesKaribaYesNilHappy to assist.
Damion Boyce0772 35267017 Caithness Road, EastleaAnytimeYesHarareYesNilI am happy to help as I know how tough things are here.
Gladman Gava0773 639 53839 West Drive - Victoria Falls8:00am to 5:00pmYesPreferably those close to Vic Falls, HwangeYesI can do it for free. My only charge might be transport costI am glad to be of help to any senior citizens who are suffering because of this radio law.
Help24Seven / Rodney Beadon0772 320 09020 Honey Bear Lane, Borrowdale24 hours a day 7 days a weekYesWhere ever you need meYesNo charge to members of Help24Seven. $30 for non-members.Would like this opportunity to educate people about Help24Seven whilst doing a community service.
Dion Wharren0772 603 375Metro Peech, Graniteside8:00am to 5:00pmYesGreendale. Highlands. Chisipite.YesNilWilling to assist where I can.
Charlie Snyman0772 209 88349 Ridgeway South, Highlands8:00am to 5:00pmYesHarare onlyYesNilOther services Senior Citizens may desperately require if I can assist on occasion.
Alphos Chigwadhi0773 552 910Corner Strand and Bessemer, Graniteside8:30am to 4:30pmYesAcross Zimbabwe it’s fine with meYesAny amount that will cover the costs involved.The senior citizens have paid tax for a very long time and it’s high time they also begin to enjoy the benefits.
Jonathan de Bruijin0777 697 6318 Tedder Road, Highlands9:00am to 3:00pmYesHarare: Greendale, Highlands, Newlands, ChisipiteYesNilHappy to help - more familiar with older cars.
Tandem Service Centre0776 226 4352 Dunkeld Road, Mount Pleasant7:00am to 5:00pmYesHarare at presentYesNilOur Accessories Department is happy to assist with removing radios.
Kevin Stephens0775 076 7951 Cannock Gardens, Cannock Road, GroombridgeCall to arrangeYesMount Pleasant, Borrowdale, VainonaYesNilNil
Isuzu Restoration Centre / Shacky Nyirenda0773 657 32213 Devon Road, Avondale West8:00am to 5:00pmYesHarareYesNo charge, depending on type of carCan do other cities or towns for free provided fuel is sponsored for the trip
Audiocity / Mohammed Siddiqui0773 047 664117 King George Road, Avondale9:00am to 5:00pmYesWill do call outs anywhere in harare only if the senior citizen is unable to come to usYesNilWill be happy to assist however we can.
Tasimba Mhizha0773 406 974Arundel Office Park, Mount Pleasant8:00am to 5:00pmYesAll

Yes$30 if applicable
Eugene Oswald0772 295 145Athlone9:00am to 4:00pmYesHarare, Greendale, some parts of BorrowdaleYesNil
Gerald Mangena0772 900 700Number 16 23rd Avenue, Belmont, BulawayoWeekends only.YesBulawayoYes$5 to cover fuel expenses where applicable.I am based in Bulawayo and I'm happy to assist with radio unit removals during weekends at no charge.
Amy Jane Potgieter0784 996 660159 Citroen Road, Msasa7:30am to 5:00pmYesSuburbsYesNil
Soundboyz / Raymond Marais0712 200 29475B Rhodesville Avenue, Highlands8:00am to 4:30pm Mon - FriNoN/AYes$0-$20
James Hewitt0772 564 00752 Glen Garry Avenue, Highlands8:00am to 5:00pmYesWithin HarareYesNil

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